Get Involved, Donate


We are currently seeking financial and in-kind donations to help cover start-up costs, including business planning. You can donate via the SPRC donation page (enter HCLT or Hamilton Community Land Trust under “Indicate Program Allocation” on the confirmation page) or contact us at to find out other ways you can contribute.


The Hamilton Community Land Trust will not be able to succeed without the valuable help of volunteers. At this time we are looking for volunteers who can help with:

  • Planning workshops and organizing the community
  • Delivering presentations, attending events, and spreading the word
  • Lending professional services, especially legal, graphic design, web design, planning and property¬†development
  • Conducting research and finding answers
  • Providing advice in an advisory role

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the Community Land Trust project, please contact us at to find out how you can contribute.


Community Land Trusts rely heavily on partnerships to successfully carry out their work in areas such as real estate and development, building construction and rehabilitation, property management, homeownership support, and management of parkland and community gardens. If your organisation or business wants to learn more about partnering with the Hamilton Community Land Trust please contact us at