More information on our 2020-21 Directors coming soon!

Returning directors:

Michael Borrelli

Mike Borrelli is a social researcher raising a family in Hamilton’s family friendly North End. A McMaster alum and Treasurer of the Beasley Neighbourhood Association, Mike hopes t

Benjamin Zarate

A born-and raised Hamiltonian, Ben has always loved his city and is thrilled to be a part of its resurgence. He holds undergraduate and masters degrees in public policy from McMaster University, focusing largely on housing and transportation issues. Ben is a real estate data & information analyst, coach and former manager with a certain Hamilton rock climbing gym, and is currently engaged to another lifelong Hamiltonian. He is a passionate supporter of affordable housing, alternative transportation, urban renewal, and heritage restoration.

Li Cheng

Li Cheng is a lawyer who recently moved to Hamilton. He has a background in architecture and urban design. Li has acted as legal counsel on matters in urban planning, land development, and housing. He believes that Hamilton has tremendous opportunities to build communities that are inclusive and habitable for all Hamiltonians.