Towards a project on community-owned land

When starting the Hamilton Community Land Trust we posted a survey on our website, polled our grassroots group of volunteers, and polled the attendees at our public launch event, asking them what they or their communities would want on land owned by the CLT. Here is what they told us:

public launch wordcloud

On the top of the list was affordability, including a range of housing options and access to affordable food and community gardens. Next on the list was community space: natural areas, public gathering places, space for recreation and programs. There were also lots of creative ideas for different businesses, markets, and social enterprises.

Since then, we have been working hard behind the scenes to put the structure in place for community land ownership (a work in progress!). In the fall, we will be going back into the community to begin developing these ideas into a tangible first project with the support of our Ontario Trillium Foundation grant. This is going to be a collaborative community effort and we can’t wait to get it started. Contact us if you’re interested in getting involved.