Hamilton Community Land Trust Winter 2015 Update

Hello, HCLT supporters! We hope you are enjoying the slightly warmer weather and remember that spring is just around the corner. In the meantime, we have some good news to help warm your bones. We are a Non-Profit! We are pleased to announce that the Hamilton Community Land Trust has received approval from the Ontario […]

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Why have a CLT in our community?

It’s undeniable that Hamilton is undergoing a transformation from an one-time industrial powerhouse that fell on hard times, to a dynamic and diverse post-industrial economy. Like other cities that have seen radical change and urban renewal in a short period, ours now faces as many challenges as it does opportunities: like responsibly dealing with the […]

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Hamilton Community Land Trust Fall 2014 Update

We’re a little late in getting a quarterly update to you, but we wanted to wait until we could share with you our exciting news: We have applied to Incorporate! That’s right! We are pleased to announce that we have submitted our application for incorporation as a nonprofit to the Province of Ontario. Thanks to […]

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End of results